Play Of The Day: Pick, Tip, Tip, Tip Touchdown

by David Erickson on February 22, 2012

in Play Of The Day

Juwan gets Play Of The Day honors for his concentration, agility, and determination.

The a ball was originally under thrown to a defender, who nearly picked it off but ended up tipping the ball away seemingly where no one else could reach it.

Enter Juwan.

He raced to the place where no one else could reach the ball and got a finger on it to tip it up and keep the ball alive, as the ball floated further upfield, he got another finger tip on it to yet again keep it alive, and another till he finally managed to corral the ball, secure it, and cut upfield through two stunned defenders to score the touchdown.

Honorable mention goes to Josh, who was on fire all day with numerous picks, receptions and a few touchdowns as well.

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